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Actions and Consequences - In game actions have in game consequences. Whether you did foresee them or not, you'll have to deal with them. And YAY for that, as it is what makes rp-ing interesting. Don't plan everything, just play and let your character take over.

Backdating - Posting a thread that happened before the actual game time at that moment. Is fine. Go ahead and do it if your plot or character requires it. It's a good idea to put the word 'backdated' in the header, so the timelines doesn't get too confused. It's a better idea to talk in advance with players who could be affected by the thread. An alternative is a placeholder instead of backdating, the timeline and the com will remain all pretty then.

Cardboarding - Attributing actions or saying something about a character without the player of the character being present. The level of cardboarding allowed depends on the characters and on the players. If in doubt, always check with the other player. From experience we know there is a lot of potential for misunderstanding. Keep communicating.

Communication - We are all available on YM and we strongly recommend to talk while threading. Especially if you're not very familiar with the other character or player. Misunderstandings happen mostly because there wasn't enough talking.

Decisions - The community as a whole will be notified and more importantly consulted before ALL big decisions concerning the game, including applications and plot arcs affecting more than a few characters. Every player, no matter how long he/she is playing, no matter how many characters, is encouraged to help us maintain this game with ideas, concerns, in general things that have to be addressed. We promise not to change this. Ever.

Grammar and spelling - You're friendz.

Interaction and activity - You are encouraged to participate in the game and post regularly. Contact us if you feel that you don't have enough interaction, that your possibilities are limited, if you have a real life induced time problem, if you need a hiatus, or if your posting habits are about to change dramatically for whatever reason.

Metagaming - i.e. your character knows something he/she shouldn't know, because there is no logical reason for her/him to do so. We know that it happens sometimes, because it might be difficult to differ between what you know and what your characters knows. Check with other players if in doubt.

NPCs - Non played characters are there to support your character. E.g. family members, colleagues, random people to interact with. If you have plot and need some help it's always a good idea to check first if there's a played character in game who can support you before creating an NPC.

OOC is not IC - We all know it, but rping can be emotional and the relationship of characters can affect the relationship of players. If we find a safe way to completely avoid this forever we'll tell you. Until then, please communicate with your fellow players and try to look past the game, even if it's sometimes a bit difficult.

Plot - Storyline for your character. Can mean one thread with two characters, can mean a year's worth of threading with many people. Up to you.

RPG - All game activities take place in the main community. You may use your journal (why yes, of course, it's yours and if you ever want to leave the game you're free to keep it) for whatever purpose you wish (e.g. naked pictures of you are strongly encouraged), but it's not part of the game.

Smut - YAY. If you need a description, please ping us. We can provide links :D Initiating physical contact without the other player's consent is exceptionally rude.

Style - We play third person past tense.

Taste - Fickle thing. You don't have to like everything, but if you respect everyone else, they are likely to do so as well.

Very important: No killling, maiming or permanently disfiguring someone's character without their permission. Remember this is role play - and like life accidents, misadventures and misunderstands will occur. As Voltaire said, slightly altered, "Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins," i.e. feel free to throw the punch, just let the other player decide if it connects.

Worldbuilding - Inventing little details that makes our game special. E.g. that little Chinese restaurant with the clumsy waiter. Go nuts. But tell the rest of us about it, so we can admire your inventions and use them as well. A post in the authors is a good way to do so.

Yahoo Messenger - Our means of communication. Talk to your fellow players!
11 August 2008 @ 11:21 am
If you want to apply for a character, please answer a few questions for us. We'd like to know more about you, about your character, about your writing style. We don't expect 5000 words from you, but don't keep it too short either.

Please send the application to: crossingsend@gmail.com, and make sure that you're at least 18 years old.

THANKS! We're excited and looking forward to your application.

Your name:
Your lj:
Your Email:
Your YM:
Older than 18?:
Availability and time zone:

Character name:
Character birth date:
Character PB:

Your character's description:
Tell us what your character looks like. Is there something special about him/her? E.g. tattoos, marks, scars, style, voice.

Your character's relationships:
Tell us something about your character's social life. Is she/he introvert, extrovert? How does he/she behave in public? Who are his/her friends? Who do you want him/her to interact with in game? How would you like him/her to interact?

Your character's love life (or lack thereof):
We want to know details. Dirty. Details.

Your character's profession:
Tell us something about your character's career. What did she/he do until now? What are his/her plans for the future? What are his/her dreams and ambitions?

Your character's political opinions:
Tell us about your character's attitude towards the war, blood status and other politics/society related issues. E.g. What did he/she do during the war? Pureblood, halfblood, muggleborn? Which Hogwarts house? If he/she was at Hogwarts during the year with the Carrows, how did he/she act and react to them and their methods?

Philosophy of life:

What else should we know about your character?

Writing sample (about 500 words) in third person past tense. Give us a glimpse of your character, show us who he/she is and how you would play him/her at Crossing's End.